I just finished post on two videos – both part of a project shot this past August. 44 North Coffee is an artisanal roaster in Deer Isle, ME. Founded in 2010 by Melissa Raftery and Megan Wood in the historic Deer Isle schoolhouse.

Melissa and Megan roast 10-12 varieties of beans. Most are origins but they often have a few blends as well. They pride themselves on freshness, ethical sourcing, and custom roasting. All I can say is they must have some kind of magic mojo happening on the second floor of the schoolhouse. Maybe it’s having to carry the 150 lb. bags up the stairs, maybe it’s having to get fresh green coffee beans from the ends of the earth to Deer Isle. Whatever it is… it works. The Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is to die for. I should know, we have torn through 9 pounds of it since the summer.

Trust me, get the Yirgacheffe. If you don’t have a grinder get one, too. We didn’t and now we do. This one is great, Grind Central, and it can grind the perfect amount for a 12-cup machine.

Too good for grinding and brewing en masse? Pooh-poohing using a coffeemaker? Well, here’s 44 North barista, Anne Bryant, to show you how to slow-drip the perfect cup of coffee:

Tech notes: the videos were shot on a Canon C300 using a mix of monopod, tripod, handheld and a 28″ Kessler Stealth Slider (really great – lightweight, tripod mountable, and just enough lateral movement.)

Update – 03/25/14: Cool Beans, Lighting and Grading 44 North.

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