KPMG-Go, Fall 2012. Click images to enlarge.

Ready, Set, KPMG GO

Just came across this yesterday as I prepping to shoot another cover story for the same client. Portraits of a KPMG executive with the whole world(s) in his hands. What was interesting about this is that a conference room was reserved for us to shoot in… It was barely bigger than the inflatable globe on […]

Skyway to the Past

News today of the impending two-year closure of the Pulaski Skyway, an eighty-two year old bridge connecting Newark and Jersey City, NJ. It’s a major artery leading to the Holland Tunnel and the reconstruction project is likely to snarl traffic for a long time. The governor better be on his best behavior. The Skyway is […]


Slow Dripping the Brew

I just finished post on two videos – both part of a project shot this past August. 44 North Coffee is an artisanal roaster in Deer Isle, ME. Founded in 2010 by Melissa Raftery and Megan Wood in the historic Deer Isle schoolhouse. Melissa and Megan roast 10-12 varieties of beans. Most are origins but […]